Anyone else out there ever get so excited about something that it can quickly turn into nerves? Me tooo.

And that’s because all around us we’re in a constant dance with polar opposites. We live in a world of duality. Our existence is relationship based. Yin to the Yang, Feminine to the Masculine, Lightness to the Darkness, Intuitive to the Logic, Life to Death, Nerves to the Excitement.

One simply can’t exist without the other.

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We’re constantly dancing between the expansiveness of yang energy and the nurturing, contracting, softness of yin energy.

The concentration towards one favoured energy within our society has a large degree of path dependency. But no energy is above another. Both are of equal significance. And both reside within us all.

For as far back as I can remember I’ve always thought I needed to push myself into this expansive yang energy - an energy that doesn’t come so naturally to me day to day. I’d spend weeks, months, years swimming against my own natural flow. And as a result I’d get ill. I would need to spend a good amount of time in contraction, resting in the yin’est of the yin (if that’s even a thing!)

How empowering though, to know that we’re in a constant dance between expansion and contraction. It’s like a pulsating beat, each drum sequence unique to each individual.

We’ve been in this dance since birth. And we’ll be dancing it until the day we die.


We begin life in a place of darkness, a cocoon of safety. We travel through a tight canal and open our eyes to this big wide world with an expansive breath. As we grow, we have moments of this bursting energy, and other moments of seeking the softness of solitude.

Nature is our constant reminder of this dance, and there is nowhere where this dance is so beautifully revealed than through the transitions between seasons. The transitions between lightness and darkness as we celebrate the tides of death and rebirth.

Following our own natural dancing rhythm allows us to honour where our body is at, and what energy we need to call upon at that given point of time; whether that be the energy to allow things to die away or the energy to birth things into existence.

Tune in to yourself and be aware of what energy feels most natural right now. Are you dancing or fighting the flow?

Become aware of the moments you’ve lost the beat to your own dance, and ask yourself “For who am I trying to benefit?” If the answer isn’t you… well, then I think you know the solution. If the answer is you, then ask yourself if the fight is for your highest truth, as … “What is the purpose of this life but not to dance until the end.”

Let your own innate cycles dictate the upsurges and the downward cycles of your life, not other forces or persons outside yourself, nor negative complexes within.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes