Your Autumnal Harvest  

Many of us expect our energy to be constant throughout the year. When our energy suddenly takes a dip, there’s that slight fear that we won’t be able to keep up, a guilt that we may fall behind the demands of living in this always on world.

However our energy isn’t linear. It isn’t always on. Just like seasons, it rises and falls throughout the year. We only have to look at nature for guidance here.

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Changing season, changing energy 

The Autumnal Equinox falling on Friday 22nd September marks this change – a time where day and night are of equal length. Then, as the Earth continues its path around the sun, days become shorter and nights lengthen. We’re transitioning from the ‘do, do, do’ yang energy of Summer, our growth phase of the year, into the more calming, yin energies of Autumn – our composting phase.

Time to ground with Momma Earth

This weekend we explored these themes at our first Yoga Healing day retreat at Hambledon Vineyard. I had the pleasure to lead this magical day with my beautiful friend Kat Smith, Wine Education Manager. We delved deep into how changing seasons apply to us more than we think, and what it really means to ‘Ground with Momma Earth’. 


At the vineyard, it’s nearing Harvest season. The grapes are being picked, and the vines will shortly be cut back. For the months following, life on the vines will appear dormant. There is no growth. The vines will be resting and re-building their energy levels in the permanent wood, which is the main growth source for the fruit.

During this resting phase, the vines are replenishing, drawing up water, iron, and magnesium. They are storing this energy for February time when the buds will appear and form into shoots, then flowers, berries and eventually grapes at the end of next Summer.

Slow down, ground & balance yourself

If we’re following the natural cycle of the earth then it’s also time for us to slow down, to ground and balance ourselves. Our yoga sequence embodied this fully with slow transitions through grounding warrior and balancing postures whilst activating our root chakra, Muladhara, feeling a deep-rooted connection with Momma Earth. 


The Autumnal Equinox really reminds us to balance ourselves and to bring these two polar opposites that reside in us all, into unity: 

The yin and the yang, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, the logic and the intuitive, the conscious and the unconscious.

From this place of unity new possibilities are received, and new doors are able to open freely and easily.

Full Moon

We also have a Full Moon falling on Wednesday 6th September in Pisces. So not only are we moving from a yang to a yin energy seasonally but also astrologically as we move from fiery Leo into dreamy and watery Pisces.

This means a change in pace for us all.

Pisces helps us to understand our true intentions – the seeds we’ve planted so far. And being a Full Moon it’s a great time to reflect on what planted seeds have grown and which are now ready to be released.

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Completing your Summer Cycle 

Before we move into a new cycle (of Autumn) we must first honour, harvest and complete the one that we’re in.

We live in a time where we’re taught to tick things off our list one after the other and go straight from one activity to the next. This in itself is so counter productive.

How many times have you finished your day and thought to yourself ‘Ah, I’ve achieved nothing!’ when actually if you had paused and taken time to reflect you would have realised you’ve achieved a lot.

So where is this feeling of frustration coming from?

It’s coming from missing a vital phase in the completion life cycle; acknowledgement. By acknowledging our completions, we close the door on old energy and invite new energy to start our next task, activity, cycle or year…


Try this: Completion Meditation

During our day retreat, we meditated upon at least 3 things that we had completed over the Summer. We payed particularly attention to how it felt to honour the closure of each. Try it for yourself, and see how it feels to finalise your Summer cycle.

Now you can go deeper into your own Harvest. 

Try this: Releasing Leaf Meditation 

Pick up a leaf. Place it in the palm of your hands. Close your eyes. Visualise one thing that you would like to realise.

Ask yourself: What are you ready to let go of? What has served its purpose and isn’t working for you anymore? What are you ready to let fall away so you can move forward with ease? Visualise this realising into the leaf.

You can use as many leaves as you wish. Once you’re finished, place all of the leaves together and find somewhere outside in nature. Close your eyes once again. Take a nice deep inhale as you draw grounding energy up from Momma Earth. On an exhale deeply sigh out of the mouth at the same time as realising the leaves into nature.

If you live close by to a flowing stream, it’s quite nice to watch the leaves float away.

Notice how you feel releasing the leaves. Journal upon any thoughts, visions or sensations that come to you.


Your Autumnal Harvest

Slow down, Ground & Balance without guilt or fear

Autumn is slowly approaching.

Use this time to change, release, allow, listen and harvest.

Let go of any guilt or fear of taking your foot off the peddle. 

Use the vines as a reminder to feel at ease during this transition as you too restore your energies after a busy growth period.

Create space to rest and recharge, to slow down and to ground.

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She Let Go - By Safire Rose

A beautiful poem that really sums up the transition into Autumn... 

She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.

She let go of the fear.  She let go of the judgments.  She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.  She let go of the committee of indecision within her.  She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons. Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go.

She didn’t ask anyone for advice. She didn’t read a book on how to let go. She didn’t search the scriptures. She just let go.  She let go of all of the memories that held her back.  She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward.  She let go of the planning and all of the calculations about how to do it just right.

She didn’t promise to let go. She didn’t journal about it. She didn’t write the projected date in her Day-Timer. She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper. She didn’t check the weather report or read her daily horoscope. She just let go. 

She didn’t analyze whether she should let go. She didn’t call her friends to discuss the matter. She didn’t do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment. She didn’t call the prayer line. She didn’t utter one word. She just let go.

No one was around when it happened. There was no applause or congratulations. No one thanked her or praised her. No one noticed a thing. Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.

There was no effort. There was no struggle. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. It was what it was, and it is just that.

In the space of letting go, she let it all be. A small smile came over her face. A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and the moon shone forevermore.

If you'd like to know about future Yoga Healing day retreats or would like support in releasing limiting beliefs and patterns within your life ahead of the Autumnal season, get in touch here.