Let’s talk about your PERIOD.

Your Moon Cycle. Your bleed time. Your visit from Aunt Flo.

When you bleed, your inner world enters winter calling you to rest, to nourish and occasionally to withdraw.

Often society can see this as a weakness but your menstrual cycle is one of the greatest gifts and guides you possess as a woman. It brings forth your intuition and deep cyclical wisdom. Whole tribes would often lead their community based on visions from menstruating women in “Red tents”.


How you bleed determines the rest of our cycle

This isn’t just one week to isolate, hide, feel embarrassed, shamed and to get it out of the way. It’s a time where you too can guide your life with the source of wisdom that flows through you.

Your period tells you how ‘in flow’ you really are. If you over do it in your inner summer phase (ovulation) you can often crash in your inner winter phase. It’s your very own "powerful and primary self-care system" as Alexander Pope explains it so beautifully.


Yoga for your period

During my menstrual cycle my yoga practice is a harmonious movement. It’s slow. It’s nourishing. It’s gentle. It’s divine. 

Here’s a video with postures for your menstrual cycle. You'll find detailed descriptions explaining how to get into each posture and what to do when you’re there below.


Queens Pose

Getting into the posture. 

  • Place one end of a bolster on a brick or cushion to create a comfortable angle
  • Rest your back against the other end of the bolster, bending your knees to draw the souls of your feet to the floor
  • Support your ankles by placing a rolled up blanket over the top and then wrapping it underneath each of them
  • Gently allow your knees to fall away from each other towards the ground
  • Slowly and softly lean back ensuring the whole length of your spine is supported
  • Use extra cushions and bolsters to add support and comfort underneath your knees and elbows

When you’re there.

  • Surrender to this blissful posture that promotes acceptance and contentment
  • Gentle self massage your lower tummy
  • Place one hand on your heart and the other on your womb. Feel into deep belly breathing
  • Place both hands on your womb and deeply connect into the wisdom flowing through you
  • Allow your arms to fall out horizontally like great big wings. Feel into the spaciousness across your heart space as air fills your entire torso 


Hare Pose

Getting into the posture. 

  • Begin on all fours with a bolster to the back of your mat
  • Slowly release your buttocks back, coming to sit on the edge of a bolster (experiment with leaving space for your yoni, or feeling your yoni supported on the edge of the bolster) 
  • If it feels more comfortable, let your big toes move closer together taking the knees wider apart
  • Option: Create fists with your hands, and tuck your thumbs in. Place your hands to your groins. If this feels too intense or uncomfortable, release your hands and extend in front or either side of the body
  • Allow your forehead to rest on support (a cushion, block and or blanket)
  • Option: Place cushions under shoulders

When you're there. 

  • Feel your tailbone sinking down on every exhale
  • Each breath out sense yourself releasing and the blood flowing out  


Surrender Pose

Getting into the posture.

  • Slide forwards and come to rest on your chest and belly
  • Extend the legs long and allow either the big toes or heels touch depending what is more comfortable
  • Rest your forehead to the floor on a blanket or turn your head to either side
  • Reach the arms out in front of you or have your arms resting down by your sides

When you're there. 

  • Sense your direct connection with the earth
  • Feel into the deep belly breathing (activating a Ujjayi breath if you like)
  • Surrender the full weight of the body down into the ground with every exhale
  • Invite gravity to do all of the work as you fully surrender into the cycle flow 


Want to learn more? 

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