If you dare to dream in 2018, how would you paint your sky?

This year has been one of radical awakenings. In the last few weeks alone, we’ve been riding a giant cosmic wave with Mercury Retrograde going direct, the Winter Solstice, a powerful New Moon and Saturn moving into Capricorn. The opportunities for us to rebuild and restructure our lives are so readily available. Time to fill our New Year intentions with optimism and expansion right?  

Hold that thought for just one moment…

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 19.51.29.png

You may have naturally began reflecting, clearing away and wrapping up loose ends as we reach the end of this chapter and start the shift into a new vibration. It’s time to really sit with this reflection to not only honour all major changes, emotions and discomfort we’ve felt, but to complete the chapter. Put a full stop at the end rather than carrying this year’s story over to the next. The power of hindsight, of looking back is sometimes overlooked but its significance, is BIG. Moving into a new chapter is difficult if we’re carrying unprocessed energy along with it.

The sun can’t always shine through a cloudy sky.  It’s always there, but often obscured so we can’t always see it.  The same goes with the energy to fulfil our new year intentions… if they’re clouded with energetic baggage from the last cycle, we’re going to be making things a lot harder to allow our true light to shine.

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So how do we clear our energy to move forward? How do we re-light our inner light?

We end this chapter with a vital phase in the completion life cycle; acknowledgement. By acknowledging what we have completed; the achievements, the things we’ve moved out of our comfort zone to accomplish, the things we’re most proud of, the things we didn’t want to do but showed resilience until the end… we’re closing the door on this old energy.  We’re inviting a wind that blows out the old clouds and in a fresh breeze of energy for this new upcoming cycle.

Perhaps you’re currently feeling frustrated that you’re entering yet another year in the same unfulfilling job? You're under a roof that you wished you’d moved on from? In an unhappy relationship that hasn’t changed? Or perhaps you’re disappointed that you haven’t met your soulmate yet? Maybe you feel like you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing this year? This is natural when the tendency is to look forward without acknowledging where we’ve come from.

Part of our brain is like a hairy mammoth from the stone ages focusing on where the danger and attack is coming from… that’s why we are still focused on the negatives. In today’s reality that hairy mammoth has made itself into our psyche and is no longer an outside threat. Our minds can be the scariest places on this planet continuously perceiving whether people, experiences, patterns, and thoughts are good or bad for us. The danger can form through comparison, thinking we’re not good enough, not worthy and trying to live up to other people’s standards rather than creating our own. If we’re not clearing this energy, we’re likely setting intentions based on hiding these feelings, rather than moving forward with true guidance from within our heart.  

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By honouring what you’ve achieved, you re-program the mind into a sense of existing fulfilment, boosting your self-esteem. Spend time acknowledging these things. Write them down before you set your intentions for 2018 and notice how your perspective changes.

Whilst reflecting upon your last cycle, it may bring up old stories that no longer serve you and are ready to be released… the stories that tell us we could never achieve this or that, that we’re not good enough, the disappointments, the regrets, the rejections, the resentments.


Perhaps you’d like to try your own end of year ritual to help release some of these out-dated stories.

We think in metaphors so why not find a releasing ritual that resonates with you e.g. downloading old stories into stones and tossing them into the sea, writing them down and burning the piece of paper or plucking petals and releasing them out into the open.

Now this is a powerful way to clear old energies in order for you to set your intentions for the New Year… and don’t stop there if you want to do this every day, week, month, and season. It’s not a new year that defines what we can and can’t achieve but ourselves. You can reset your thought patterns at any moment.  If things aren’t working, sit down, reflect on what was and conjure up an intention to move forwards with.

This is the difference that makes the difference.  Paint a sky that is true to you, always.