42 Valentine Rd
E9 7 AD

Sunday October 8th

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Living with endometriosis can touch every area of our life, and challenge our mind, body and soul. It can separate us from ourselves, others, and our paths and can create an internal war between the life we desire and the life that we're experiencing.

But that isn't the end of your story. 

On their own journey of healing, Intuitive Healer and Yoga Teacher Vickie Williams and Endometriosis Writer and Coach Jessica Duffin, have been inspired by a range of tools, practices and natural therapies that have uplifted and transformed their lives.

What you do everyday can manifests itself inside your body; ultimately, our biography becomes our biology. Are you ready to transition from just coping with endometriosis to thriving in life?

Join Vickie and Jessica for this afternoon of endometriosis empowerment where they will be sharing their story and simple tools that you can integrate easily into daily living with this invisible condition:

- Learn yoga movements to support your own self-healing

- Call upon breathing techniques to dissolve fatigue and better manage pain

- Connect with your sacral chakra and pelvic region through meditation to draw upon your wisdom within 

- Empower yourself through self-coaching techniques

- Find power in sharing with a sacred circle of Endo Sisters 

It's time to call your power back and heal both body, mind and soul.

Allow the pain of this condition to get your attention and serve your higher purpose. Be empowered to transform your life. Leave inspired to let your true light shine.