42 Valentine Rd
E9 7 AD

Sunday 20th May

Join Vickie and Jessica for a caring and supportive session of gentle group coaching, nourishing energy healing and deep meditation. This Sunday Sharing Circle is a space for you to relax, and nurture your body, mind and soul, where you don’t have to struggle to be acknowledged, believed or understood.  Feel empowered as you share your story, release your wounds and discover new ways of healing in a safe space. Find yourself comforted and held by others who know your story.

This sharing circle and holistic session will offer you the opportunity to be heard, accepted and understood. Learn and discover tools for self-healing, self-care and endometriosis management, and release any pains and struggles to leave you feeling lighter and re-energised.

Endo Sharing Circle.jpg

- Share your struggles, ask questions and seek support on living with endometriosis

- Find inspiration and motivation through discussing challenges, sharing tips and listening to the experiences of others

- Learn new ways to manage endometriosis and feel empowered to begin your own healing journey

- Feel nourished and connected back to your own rhythm with Reiki energy healing

- Call upon breathing techniques to dissolve fatigue and better manage pain 

- Connect with your sacral chakra and pelvic region through meditation to draw upon your wisdom within 

It's time to call your power back and heal body, mind and soul.


Vickie Williams is a Natural Rhythmic Healer using an alchemy of yoga, energy healing and meditation to encourage a life lived in flow. Based in London, Vickie teaches classes, workshops and runs retreats internationally. It took a decade for Vickie to be diagnosed with endometriosis, and since that time nine years ago has found her greatest relief in alternative healing and lifestyle adjustments.

Jessica Duffin empowers people to create a happier and healthier life with endometriosis through workshops, one to one coaching and her blog and podcast; This EndoLife. Jessica has been living diagnosed with endometriosis for seven years, previously worked for Endometriosis UK and has learnt to manage her condition through various forms of alternative therapies and lifestyle choices.