Sun 3rd Sept - Ground with Momma Earth

Yoga Day Retreat - Hambledon Vineyard



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Join us for a Yoga Healing day retreat in the beautiful Hambledon Vineyard to welcome in the medicine of Autumn, the healing properties of Nature, and the grounding wisdom of Momma Earth.

The Yoga Healing day retreat will be held on Sunday 3rd September, ahead of the Harvest Full Moon (6/9) and the Autumn Equinox (22/9).  The focus will be on slowing down, grounding and releasing ahead of the Autumnal season amongst the magnificent energy of the vines. We will draw on the practice of Hatha Yoga and Meditation for listening, and letting what does not serve us F A L L away. Supported by the elements, post Savasana Reiki energy will support you in returning back to your optimal balance.

The grounding practice will be followed by a nutritious and delicious lunch where you can sit overlooking the stunning vineyard. Once your tummy is happily balanced, Wine Educator Katrina Smith will guide you on a journey through the Vineyard sharing tales of Hambledon Vineyard’s sparkling wine history. And to seal in this magical day retreat, what better way to ground and honour Momma Earths delights than to enjoy a tasting of her sparkling fruits.

The Yoga Healing Day Retreat Includes:

Yoga & Meditation


Nutritious & delicious lunch

Vineyard Tour with Katrina Smith

Sparkling Wine Tasting

All of the information you need to know:

Date: Sunday 3rd September

Time: 11am – 4.30pm

Location: Hambledon Vineyard (Closest train station is Petersfield. Taxi sharing option available to the Vineyard. Parking spaces available)

What to bring: A yoga mat. Journal AND Blanket (both optional) 

Early Bird Tickets: £45  / Tickets: £75 

Change, release, allow, listen, harvest… create space to welcome in your desires for the season ahead.