Private One to One Sessions

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing therapy which is a gentle hands on treatment. It works by intuitively activating your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Reiki heals and clears stagnant energy blocks and patterns so energy can flow freely in your body. This energy is deeply nourishing helping to soothe chronic conditions, release trauma and assist in physical recovery.

You’ll finish the session feeling calm, relaxed and balanced.

Sessions: 1hr / £65 

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Theta Healing is a meditative energy healing and personal development technique which empowers you for positive change. This is done through connecting to a Theta brainwave. As the mind enters this state it opens up a space for clarity, healing and insight into the future to take place.

Utilising a range of techniques we will work together to discover and release self-limiting beliefs stored deep in the subconscious and self-sabotaging patterns so that you can heal and move forward easily in your life with love, happiness, wellness, prosperity and abundance.

Sessions: 1hr / £65 




"As soon as I met with Vickie I was cradled with a warmth and calmness. The session itself was incredibly relaxing and without ever having received reiki before, the depth of healing Vickie offered and channeled was truly wondrous and the after care was as cherished and valuable as the session itself. Vickie's genuineness and presence as a healer has given me the confidence to pursue my interest in becoming a reiki practitioner and healer myself and I really couldn't recommend Vickie highly enough." Luke Humphrey


"When I first went to see Vickie I must admit I was incredibly skeptical. I was recovering from an operation on my arm which resulted in me living on pain killers. After the first session I didn't need to take another painkiller! I was also suffering from stress and depression - after each session I felt better and better. I can't put into words how she has changed my life especially as I was so skeptical to begin with but now I couldn't recommend seeing her enough." Anonymous


"Vickie has a lovely soft and welcoming energy, as soon as I was in her presence, I felt calm and safe. Vickie’s treatment room in her home was set up perfectly, surrounded by crystals, quiet and relaxing. I’m very open-minded but I hadn’t tried theta-healing before and I was skeptical in a way... Vickie and I talked for quite some time, and it was completely easy and flowed. I was able to open up to Vickie without any resistance, and quite soon the key issues I was dealing with surfaced. We then moved on to the treatment itself, which Vickie guided me through and kept me assured throughout. After the treatment, I didn’t notice an immediate difference. The change came a little later when I got my period. For the first time in years, it was practically pain free.  I manage my diet very well for my endometriosis, and it allows me to live pain free or at least with low pain, for most of my month, except around my period. I’ve been trying to work out ways in which to get that pain level down and I’ve tried many physical options, from supplements, to yoga, to massage. All work to a degree, but this pain relief was so dramatic I was completely shocked and unable to account for it, except for the healing session. Vickie is a very empathetic and gentle healer and giving her own experience with endometriosis, she’s a wonderful support. I am well aware that there is no cure, and everyone is different, so this may not work for all, but if you do feel called to it, I completely recommend working with Vickie." Jessica Duffin


"I had my first Theta session with Vickie last week and it was really positive and personally rejuvenating experience. I've only been introduced to the power of healing and spirituality recently and I can honestly say that Vickie's guidance made me feel incredibly comfortable and allowed me to really open up and embrace it. A session with Vickie is very rewarding and I'm looking forward to the next one." Georgina Tan