The Well garden, Hackney Downs 

£20.00 Early Bird Offer until 01.06.18 


Saturday 23rd June 



Join me for a deeply relaxing workshop combining the restorative power of Yin Yoga and the healing potential of Reiki.

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy therapy which intuitively heals and clears stagnant energy blocks and patterns so energy can flow freely in your body. This energy is deeply nourishing helping to soothe chronic conditions, release emotional upset and trauma, as well as assist in physical recovery to feel calm, relaxed and balanced in all areas of your life.

What to expect in the workshop

Melt into a state of bliss with gentle restorative Yin yoga postures designed to replenish and reinvigorate the physical body, whilst being led through guided meditation practices to tune into the energetic body. We'll journey up through the chakras settling into floor based yoga postures that activate each energy centre. During these moments of stillness you will be encouraged to cultivate awareness of your energetic landscape and learn techniques to rebalance your chakras using breath, mantra and visualisation.

Feel deeply nourished, rejuvenated and connected back with your own rhythm through group activated Reiki Meditations drawing on the power of energy created throughout the workshop in extended Shavasana and 1-1 healing energy. Tuning in to your subtle energy body for guidance can reinvigorate your life experiences, in this workshop we will explore how we can tap into this for daily guidance.


Here's what some of the blissful women at our last workshop shared: 

"I attended Vickie’s last Reiki and Restore workshop and it was just magical. Deeply nourishing and soul-enriching yoga poses for each chakra, made even more powerful by group reiki. Vickie’s calming and balancing energy surrounds you from the minute you walk in and she fills the entire room with her healing. She is blessed with an innate ability to create such a safe and nurturing space and it is just a beautiful honour and privilege to work with her. I am still amazed by how amazing I feel after a session with her." 

"I was a total Reiki (and yoga) beginner so at first I was not sure what to expect but the session was relaxing and it was easy to understand and follow. I felt so revived at the end! Vickie calmed my nerves straight away and makes it so simple to do things when you listen to her calming voice. I didn't realise that Reiki was so powerful, it's definitely something I'd want to explore more."