WITH Vickie williams & harry keyworth


Unit C, 45 Mitchell Street, EC1V 3QZ

Sunday 18th February

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Yincoustics, an evening to melt into your own rhythm. 

On Sunday 18th February, I'll be teaming up with Harry Keyworth to bring you an alchemy of Yin Yoga and acoustic music at EC1 House. In this space, you will be guided through yin postures to deeply tune you into your own chords, innate rhythm and music of your body.

In the month of love, when the focus is so often on sending love outwards, Yindulge yourself in serenading YOU with your own inward magic. 


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a floor based practice that encourages your muscles to relax, allowing the deep connective tissues surrounding your joints to be gently stretched. This stretching helps to maintain the health of your connective tissue and encourages the free flow of ki (energy) through your meridian lines. By promoting the flow of energy through the meridians, Yin Yoga helps you to maintain your physical health, as well as your emotional and energetic balance.

Vickie believes the heart of the practice is our experience within it. As we surrender into the free flow of energy we're better able to become aware and drop the conditioned stories on repeat and return to ourselves, to a place of balance and grace.

Vickie encourages a focus not only on the postures themselves but how mindful we can be as we transition from one to another... just like the silence between the notes, this is what makes the music.


About Harry

Harry is a singer and songwriter, who has a raw energy with a rhythm based percussive feel creating drumbeats with nothing beyond his guitar. His vocal style tends to be soft, often singing falsetto with a voice that could melt a heart of stone. Find out more here: www.harrykeyworth.com