My classes are a guide through what I like to call Yoga Healing, otherwise known as Hatha Flow. My teachings are shaped with a beautiful blend of yin and yang, drawing on the calming and soothing lunar energies interwoven with the energising solar influences.

The ultimate purpose being to bring you back to you, to your optimal balance. A moment you can stop and rest away from a world that is always on, and where the demands never seem to cease. A pause to honour your own stop button, allowing yourself space to top up and recharge.

Students Yoga Healing

I encourage my students to dig deep. To observe their emotions. To unlock the beliefs stored deep within themselves. To realise a newfound freedom of flexibility. It’s incredible how much our emotions and self-limiting beliefs block our energy channels and build up to create tension and ‘dis-ease’ within the body. Yoga allows us that safe, nurturing space to release and let go of all of this. The greatest act of self-love there is.

Self love through Yoga

Yoga has been and still is my greatest teacher of self-love and self-acceptance. A practice I encourage myself to live daily. I’m sure most of us will agree we often take this for granted, without realising its vital role in our wellbeing. We think somehow by loving our self is bad or wrong, and that really is the source of so much pain and suffering. It’s not arrogant to love our family or partner; it’s actually considered a healthy relationship and well balanced. So why is loving ourselves deemed as arrogant or even selfish?

Remember back to a time when you did love yourself and notice how everything just works - because every thought is creating our reality. Every thought can be stopped in the moment and changed. Yoga allows us this magical and blissed soul space to mindfully tune in with loving ourselves again.

Yoga Healing Classes

Classes are usually 1 hour in length, with adjustments offered to suit both beginners and advanced practitioners. Find my full schedule of classes and workshops here.

See you on the mat soon...