Are you BOLDly stepping into your Red Shoes at work? 


Discover the power of your menstrual cycle – your own inner seasonal landscape – and change the way you work forever.


The Bold Type Series 2 (a show on Amazon) recently launched reminding us of the rising generation of women building successful careers amongst a sea of often intimidating male leaders.

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We work differently to men. There’s no doubt about it. The question is how can we harness those differences rather than working in a way that doesn’t feel natural to us?


The answer is, our menstrual cycle.


The answer is, owning our Red Shoes at work.

Do you find some weeks to be a real struggle at work, both physically and emotionally? Do you absolutely dread getting your period? Wishing it to be over as soon as possible? Or, could you be one of the growing number of women who are stepping BOLDly into their red shoes discovering the magic of their cycle?

Working with our period acts as a complimentary creative cycle helping us to manifest goals, execute inspiring projects all whilst restoring our health and vitality. Ready to sign up to “team Scarlet”?

Without stating the obvious, what makes us so different to men at work? Well, our energy isn’t linear. It rises and falls much more dramatically throughout the month due to our hormones.  Just as we experience outer seasons, we also experience inner seasons of the menstrual cycle. This unlocks the greatest secret to the phases that unfold throughout the month, including a time for resting, planning, growing and refining.


Your own Inner Seasonal Landscape 


During our cycle we can often display a number of archetypes. Let’s explore them with the help of female leads from The Bold Type:


Retreat Winter Woman (Menstruation)

Theme: Rest & Nourish

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Hormones: Progesterone hormones plummet triggering your moon time and low estrogen levels affect your happy hormones, dopamine and serotonin.

Work: If you can work from home the first two days of your period, do it. Some workplaces now even agree how it makes business sense to adopt “menstrual leave” allowing employees to tap into their natural cycles, based on the work of Alexander Pope (Red School). I’m pretty sure team Scarlet would have a policy just like this.

According to Kat, Scarlet magazine practices “Stealth Feminism… It’s how to please yourself.” Ok admittedly, she was talking about orgasms in this instance, but the retreating winter woman is looking to fully please and honour herself this week. Stay in your lady cave as long as you need to until you begin to feel the benefits of rising estrogen boosting your mood, energy and patience come Inner Spring.


Budding Spring Woman  (Pre-Ovulation)

Theme: Plan & Plant

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Hormones: As estrogen continues to rise you start to feel more like yourself.  You’re more coordinated, have a sharper memory and your creativity is surging.  

Work: You have a greater trust in your ideas and desires, so this is a great time for inspired action and planning your whole month. Take leaps of faith within your work, plant seeds and start new projects.

When rumour layoffs sweep Scarlet in Season 1, Jane gets into full action planning mode creating ideas on how to save her job as well as broadening her perspective to other inspirations and career transitions. A true budding spring woman in action.


Super Summer Woman (Ovulation)

Theme: Execute & Express

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Hormones: It’s during this phase you ovulate. Creative energy is at its fullest with estrogen, progesterone and tostestrone peaking.

Work: You’re at your most desirable and creative this week. If you’re looking to get a yes from anyone, this is the week to pitch and ask those big questions at work.

Remember when we saw Sutton negotiate a salary that reflected her worth as she followed her dream of working in fashion? I wonder if she was ovulating as the Super Summer Woman, or was she vocalising her pre-menstrual truth of the Harvest Autumn Woman?


Harvest Autumn Woman (Pre-Menstrual)

Theme: Reflect & Listen

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Hormones: This phase often gets the biggest hate of the cycle as our hormones begin to suddenly plunge causing those sometimes unwanted PMS symptoms.

Work: It’s this plunge that can spur you to complete that project or something you’ve been putting off for a while – just like the end of year harvest. You may also be feeling into a space of introspective energy and for anyone that crosses that, it will serve you well to be mindful of those pre-menstrual truths that can often go unfiltered.

We often see Kat displaying this archetype of the Harvest Autumn Woman, especially when speaking her mind as Laura berated her in front of the office for being too much of a loose cannon with #FreeAdena.


Step into your Red Shoes. Allow your period to complement your life rather than conquer it. 


Working with your cycle (the changes in mood, energy, hormones and archetype) has the potential to completely transform the way you work. It’s a careful predictor of your energy throughout the month.

We are all completely unique with our very own magical cycle. She's just waiting for us to get to know her!

You may find differences in your journey throughout the month compared to the guide above, and that's the greatest thing! The more you become aware of the rhythms of your cycle, you’ll be able to craft your own innate intelligence to honour your changing needs throughout the month. You’ll be able to spot patterns in how you work and feel. You’ll be able to ultimately manage your diary so it’s complementing your life rather than conquering it. You’ll be able to creatively flow when the Super Summer Woman wants to BOLDly achieve it all, and plan divine resting time when the Retreat Winter Woman wants to stay in her lady cave!  



If you're interested in discovering more about your inner seasons and how you can support your cycle with a unique yoga practice for each phase - Join me on Wednesday 18th July at Re:Mind Studio for a 2hr workshop.


And as always feel free to come and say hi with any questions or thoughts here

Image Credits: Instagram @wildandfree.corina