Last week I caught up with Grace Hazel on her new podcast 'Conversations with Pussy'.

Episode 3 > "We spent a really insightful hour chatting about Endometriosis, Vickie's journey spent on the wild rodeo ride that is Western Medicines 'answer' to Endo, to how Vickie eventually tuned into her own wisdom, owned her period and embodied her natural rhythm. We also talk about how being on the birth control pill can mar your ability to pick a 'biologically matching partner' PLUS (most importantly 🤪) how Tinder will never work coz' you can't sniff our your prey.. I mean partner online 😂.”

LISTEN TO EPISODE 3 HERE > Endo What? Endometriosis. 

In Grace's podcast she chats all things yoni magic and for anyone living with Vulvodynia, be sure to check out her inspiring story in Episode 1. 

Image: @grace__hazel