If you're between 25 and 40 you could be one of the 1.5 million women who suffer from it.

"What if every time you had your period, you had to put up with not just cramps but bent-double, can’t-get-out-of-bed, severe period pain? Plus fatigue? Plus diarrhea? Plus bloating? For around 1.5 million women in the UK, there’s no need to imagine; these endometriosis symptoms are a reality.

"Endometriosis is a condition where cells, like the ones in the lining of the womb, are found elsewhere in the body," says Emma Cox, CEO of charity Endometriosis UK (endometriosis-uk.org). "Each month, like the cells in your womb, these endometriosis cells build up, then break down and bleed. But, unlike the cells in the womb that leave the body as a period, this blood has no way of escaping." The result is inflammation and the formation of scar tissue. Read pain. "It can be a debilitating condition," Cox says. Could you be at risk?" 

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