Let me ask you… do you ever feel guilty when you don’t have the energy to exercise? To socialise? To tick off that never ending to do list? Are you putting it down to lack of sleep, a busy week, or not feeling good enough, strong enough, well enough? Ladies, our bodies are like wild flowers. Flowers do not remain the same all year round. With every breath of wild nature they change. And so do you.


Your energy ebbs and flows throughout the month

It’s safe to say you’re constantly changing throughout not only the year but also the month. These are your inner and outer seasons, and listening to them could be your greatest gift to manifest goals, exercise inspiring projects all whilst restoring your health and vitality.

As women we’re not only influenced by the outer seasonal phases but also heavily by our own inner phases. Just like the moon herself, we’re ever changing, ever evolving. These phases that we go through each month can be viewed as seasons. The season that our bleed time is associated with is winter – a time of slowing down, nourishing and turning inwards – aka NOT DOING.

Your Inner Seasons 

Inner Winter time is a crucial part of natures cycle and without the rest during this period, the full potential growth of our energy in Inner Spring (pre-ovulation) is not possible. 

Without the budding energy during Inner Spring, the rise in estrogen bringing greater clarity, co-ordination, memory and creativity, the ability to action, create and birth ideas into life during Inner Summer (ovulation) would not be possible.

Without the plunge in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in Inner Autumn (pre-Ovulation) we would never be able to spur on the completion of a project just like the end of year harvest as we prepare to cycle full circle and rest in Inner Winter (Menstruation).

And so you see the wheel keeps turning.

“But what if I’m not having periods, or no longer bleed?” You’re guaranteed to still feel the influence of these ebbs and flows. That’s your superpower as a woman. 

The relationship between Inner and Outer Seasons

Our phases are divided into yang energies (spring/summer) and yin energies (autumn/winter). So depending on where your inner and outer energies fall, they may complement each other or they may contrast each other…

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