Join us for a Yoga Healing day retreat at the stunning Hambledon Vineyard.

As the world around us takes a new breath for 2018 and we approach the journey of moving from shadow to sunshine, this is a time to settle into the dreams, hopes and visions you’d like to grow with increasing light for the year ahead.


The Yoga Healing day retreat will be held on Sunday 21st January embracing the value of both darkness and lightness within our lives. One simply can’t exist without the other. The inner reflections, rejuvenation, and epiphanies found within the dark months of hibernation, lead us to the seeds, ideas and projects we plant as we welcome in the return of the light. It is in the darkness where our inner light is honoured and nurtured, before we return to embrace the outer light come Spring.


Yin Yang Yoga and Meditation will guide you to listen and tune deeply inwards, finding space to recognise and release those stories that are keeping your light from abundant potential. Post Savasana Reiki will support you in healing any imbalances and disruption allowing your energy to flow naturally – connecting you back to the guide of your inner light.


The practice will be followed by a nutritious lunch where you can sit overlooking the wintery vineyard with a warm blanket. Once your tummy is feeling lovingly nourished, Wine Educator Katrina Smith will guide you on a journey through the Vineyard sharing tales of Hambledon’s Wine making, and how we can learn so much from the earths cycles. Just like our own cycle, the wine must enter a period of darkness before being brought into the light.

To close this magical day retreat... a tasting of Hambledon’s finest sparkles!  


Date: Sunday 21st January

Time: 11am – 5pm

Location: Hambledon Vineyard (Closest train station is Petersfield. Taxi sharing option available to the Vineyard. Parking spaces available)

What to bring: A Yoga Mat, Hardy Shoes/Wellies for the tour, Journal AND Blanket

Early Bird Tickets: £85 / General Tickets: £105 - Book tickets here

What stories are serving your journey? What stories are keeping you stuck? Its time to wash your light clean of the stories you carry for this new 2018 cycle. 



"Great day today at the Hambledon vineyard yoga retreat with Vickie and Kat. Super super good. Highly recommend Vickie as a yoga instructor and highly recommend a vineyard tour with Kat. Next time the retreat comes around... don't kick your heels. Get booked on it because it's brilliant! 🙏🏻" 

"Felt grounded, centred, relaxed, calmer, peaceful , optimistic and content after the yoga. Eating delicious food altogether after the yoga was a treat and a bonding period. Kat's tour around the vineyard was delightful and fun. She simplified the processes so we could understand and gave demos of how things were done . Great day!"